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Gay Men Play Truth or Drink

The Gays over at Cut get into some group play (where that OF tho?) and have fun with wild ass and uncomfortable questions about oral skills, insecurities, kinks and dating.

PrEP Yourself for Sex

Truvada for Prep is a daily pill treatment that is up to 99% effective in preventing HIV, for those individuals who are HIV negative.

Titanic, But Make It InstaGay

Bitch, did I ever tell you about the InstaGay who threw the first life-vest on the Titanic and bottom’d into the ocean in the end? Acclaimed content creator and one of the...

Mister Scandal Playlist

Each week the Mister Scandal Playlist on Spotify brings you bops on bops on bops. This week they call me Megatron, Ashely O is pop’s hole/hoe icon, Bounce Back in...

Gay Men Ghosting

Why are gay men ghosting each other? Gay psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey explains why ghosting happens, how to handle it and how to stop yourself from doing it.