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Being a Drag Queen on The Football Team

Aside from being the most beautiful, talented and hilarious shapeshifting human being in all the internets, Benito Skinner was also a drag queen on the football team. For Comedy Central’s...

Gay Men Play Live Tinder

It’s Tinder! It’s GAY! It’s LIVE! It’s ANXIETY!!!! The devil works hard but the gay intern works harder. Case in point: who tf do you think pitched the chaotic ass...

Henry Cavill’s Ass & Arm Workout

Top tier trade and shoulda-woulda-coulda superstar, Henry Cavill, is the reason why I have fisting under never-say-never. If you can’t eat his ass, join his ass in getting a...

Grindr Hookup Horror Stories

Grindr Hookup Horror Stories, we all have them but watch 3 stories that will make you gasp but also make you say, "same, sis!"

Gay Men Play Truth or Drink

The Gays over at Cut get into some group play (where that OF tho?) and have fun with wild ass and uncomfortable questions about oral skills, insecurities, kinks and dating.