The Perfect Beard Chin Line

There’s no time like the present to improve your self-care habits. Join ‘The Men’s Groomer’ Jason Schneidman to learn how to maintain a beard with a strong chin line in 5 steps.

Watch How to Get a Perfect Chin Line:

FIND BASELINE – Plot twist: The jawline is not the baseline. To find the baseline, place your cell phone directly under your chin and turn each side to form and view the L shape.

TRIM BOTTOM – Don’t be scared. Looking straight ahead, make that first line. Turn your head and follow the cell-phone line on each side.

TRIM SIDES – The hard part is over! The shape is already set. All you have to do now is finish trimming the sides and bottom. Make sure to be subtle on the corners and aim for a soft edge.

CLEAN UP – Clean it up with Pure Shave Gel and SkinGuard Razor by Gillette.

ADMIRE – You did it, king! Now go update your Grindr, Scruff, IG and Twitter profile.

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