Being Seen – The Gay and Queer Black Male Experience

Being Seen is a podcast by writer, author, and activist Darnell Moore. It is an in-depth exploration of culture’s role in resolving the tension between how we are seen and how we see ourselves. Focused on the gay and queer Black male experience, the first season of Being Seen is a space to explore these questions through conversations with leading artists, writers, activists, entertainers, and community leaders.

Listen to the trailer:

Artwork by Olivia Fields for Being Seen

A Strange Loop, making it in Hollywood, getting to Broadway, Billie Holiday. What is the story behind culture firsts that break down barriers, push back against invisibility and refute stereotypes? How does the creation impact the creator? Why are we still fighting to get these firsts made? Featured in this episode: Lee Daniels, Jordan E. Cooper, Michael R. Jackson and Wesley Morris. 

Listen to Episode 01 – The First:

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