Buenos Aires DIY Dream Home

When Manuel and Javier first bought this small condo, it didn’t look like the lovely and airy space that it is today. Located on the top floor of this building in Buenos Aires’ Ciudad Autonoma, it was a handful of closed-off rooms, with a small kitchen and not a lot of room for entertaining.

Watch Manu & Javi’s DIY Dream Home:

TEAR DOWN – It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it. Knock some walls down and open the space. Just because it’s 860 sq. ft. doesn’t mean it can’t look or feel twice the size.

BUILD FOR LESS – you’d be surprised how far a bit of confidence and a good tutorial can take you in making your very own $3,000+ dining table your heart and taste found on Pinterest.

SPECIAL SPACES – Whether it’s a Tom of Finland wall, a crystal altar, or a corner of full of plants, try to create a special space that brings you joy, tranquility and/or excitement.

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