Coming Out with Zed & Ray

Music artists and real-life couple Zed & Ray share their coming out stories with Grindr and discuss their queer experience.

Watch Zed & Ray for Grindr:

Did you come out to yourself?

Zed: “Yeah. It took me a second to accept my reality but I definitely came out to myself, I’m at a level where I wouldn’t take it any other way.”

Ray: “I literally came out to myself like 2 days ago. It really didn’t hit me at first but now I’m like ‘I’m with this dude’… this is my reality, this is what’s happening”

What would you tell your younger self to prepare him for the journey of coming out?

Zed: “I would tell him – you know what, do the things exactly how you did it. You can be who you are – Africa is not the limit. Live a happy, healthy life. Your sexuality doesn’t define you and it doesn’t make you less than.”

Does coming out end or do you feel like you’re still in the process of it?

Ray: “Yes! We’re forever evolving, we’re forever showing more sides of us as human beings.”

Zed: “You’re always coming, you’re always experiencing things and growing into who you are.”

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