Shamed For Being Gay

How gay was I as a tiny tot? I would scalp my collection of Troll Dolls to make 22″ lace-fronts, wore my sister’s scrunchies as belts (cinched skinny legend) and smeared Vaseline all over my Naomi Campbell-esque legs. I swore I was a carbon copy of my Poison Ivy action figure.

Naturally, this left the uncultured locals fed but perplexed because the level of excellence that I was serving as a baby baguette was far too ahead of its time. So they did as locals do and shamed me for being me — being gay.

Like most in the queer community, Matteo Lane was also shamed as a kid for being gay. In his Just For Laughs stand-up, the Mexican-Italian funny king opens up about the first time he was shamed for being gay by none other than his aggressively heterosexual uncle.

Matteo also shares his take on all Disney characters being gay (tea), Grindr vs. Tinder and having an Italiano face you wanna sit on.

Watch Matteo Lane’s Stand-up below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Just For Laughs

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