Do I Sound Gay To You?

If I didn’t sound gay, how else would people know that I’m hung, expensive and have gorilla-grip hole?

Although it took me some time to realize that sounding like a poor whore’s Kardashian fresh off a Fire Island summer bender is a gift, I’m now a better baguette for it. Blessed be the fruit.

Fitness King and potential to be Rock Hudson’s new love interest in season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, Sam Cushing discusses having a voice that some people consider to be “gay” voice.

Sam Cushing on his voice:

My voice seems to be very polarizing, so together with a friend, we explore topics like “gay” voice, vocal fry, etc. Since Pride season is almost here, I wanted to begin celebrating my identity early.

Watch ‘Do I Sound Gay To You?’ below:

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