Not Out But In Love

What’s it like to fall in love in the closet? It’s weird. It’s beautiful. It’s heartbreaking.

A homosexual in love in a heteronormative world is a radical act of defiance. As dramatic as that statement may sound, it’s important not to forget the existence of that truth.

For those who have experienced the beautiful and jarring act of falling in love while in the closet, it shapes your understanding of what (gay) love is.

Albeit not the love one hopes for, it’s a love that is accepted even with all the hurt that it comes with. This profound yet traumatic experience can have a lasting impact on the emotional development of a queer person.

When You Fall in Love in The Closet is a video by Buzzfeed that gives a glimpse into what that experience is like for queer people and describes all of the highs and lows.

Watch When You Fall in Love in The Closet:

Featured gif: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo 

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