Gay Couples Therapy

As I sit here in liminal space (the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next’) texting my 5 quarantine boyfriends, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this a Black Mirror episode or do I need fucking therapy?

The answer is both. My past relationships may not have been the same kind of horror as Black Mirror but they’ve definitely been spooky. Spooky enough to acknowledge that therapy was needed to handle one boyfriend, let alone 5 of them.

Although using technology to express love and show hole is nothing new, what is new during this time of quarantine is the exponential level of use, dependency and intimacy with it.

In the Black Mirror-esque short film, Couples Therapy, Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell explores what (seems like the inevitable future) it could be like to receive couples therapy from the likes of Siri.

If the appeal of Postmates and Grindr is to get what you need with minimal effort, then perhaps Alexa piloting my relationship(s) is blissful love.

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