Gurl, You Gay!

I miss being gay. Y’all felt that? I know y’all felt that.

If it wasn’t for the unnecessarily chaotic and homophobic Miss Rona, I would be enjoying my gay-tivities like the gym, wailing f-word noises at the club to Dua Lipa and serving my toppy woppy.

Because homosexual deprivation is real, Trixie and Katya graciously blessed hungry baguettes with a too-gay-for-your-own-good Gay Episode of UNHhhh. How gay are we talking here? They talk about g*ping h*les that swallow up furniture.

So cross your legs like no straight man is watching, pop open a cold bottle of Double Scorpio and enjoy UNHhhh Ep. 119: Gurl, You Gay.

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