I Accidentally Fucked a Trump Supporter

Who Said That Real Housewives of Atlanta

Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell kinda said that in his YouTube sketch comedy titled When You Find Out He’s A Trump Supporter.

I too have said that. He was cute, not hung but was Instagram verified. Before I could finish the 3rd chorus of Icy, he swept my drunk-ass off my feet. The following morning I was awakened by an irregular vibration. It was a text notification set to a vibrate setting that only a psychopath would have. In hindsight, that was the only proof I needed. I’d given him some NyQuil (that’s Barbz for bomb pussy) that knocked his ass out. I held his innocent Lizzo screensaver iPhone 11 Pro up to his eyelids-pulled-up face, only to reveal a Trump 2020 home screen. I promise you that spooky iPhone said: “Run, bitch!!!” His face called me an Uber and I was outta there!

Anyways, back to Eduardo’s brilliance. His YouTube short is stupid hilarious but also delivers some Get Out level suspense.

Can’t wait for the squeal: When You Find Out He’s A Pete Buttigieg Supporter

Watch the Trump nightmare below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell

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