Gay Men Ghosting

He had me at hello boo.

Different name, same bitch – ghosting is nothing new. Ghosting has terrorized and traumatized the gays since The Land Before Time 9000 B.G. (Before Grindr)

Heteronormativity maybe the belly of the beast but the clownery of ghosting and being ghosted is one hundred percent on us.

One way to address the learned behavior of ghosting is knowing how to effectively deal with it which in turn will (hopefully) allow us to dismantle it.

Psychotherapist to The Gays™, Matthew Dempsey, speaks on this prevalent issue in new his video – Gay Ghosting.

Dempsey explains the reasons we ghost others, offers ways to deal with it and sheds a beautiful outlook on dating that will hopefully deliver the aha moment that it gave me.

Watch Gay Ghosting:

Featured gif: YouTube/Matthew J. Dempsey

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