Masc Gays, Fem Tops and Powerful Bottoms

Fem rights! Bottom rights! Fisting rights!

When it comes to sex and silly sexual stereotypes, us queers/gays/phaggets need to expand our minds like we expand our walls to men who leave us on read.

Even in the depths of the last room to the right of a basement in an NYC queer sex club, hetero-norms seep in and thrive. While hetero-norms may be a cute roleplay kink, allowing it to influence queer sex as much as it has is far from cute – it’s a big fucking turn-off.

In the Grindr x Into YouTube video, Queer Men Talk About Sexual Stereotyping, rap goddess Big Dipper sits with a group of queer men to discuss queer sex, breakdown the tomfoolery of bottom shaming and give insightful fuck-yo-stereotypes advice.

Pop(pers) open a cold one and enjoy the kiki:

Featured gif: Grindr/Into

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