Gus Kenworthy Shows Off Big D*ck Bulge

As the great Pitsy Pyle would say, “I’m GAGGING for you faggot!”

No, like really. I’m literally thinking about how I would be physically gagging on Kenworthy’s Olympian (what appears to be uncut) D.

To kick off Pride month, Gus Kenworthy said with his whole chest – I’m gonna give The Gaysโ„ข what they want need:

C: Giphy/Jasmin Masters

To make the D even better, Gus Tweeted his god’s gift thirst trap to bring awareness to his 2019 AIDS/Life Cycle Campaign:

Gay Twitter unanimously agreed that Big Dick Gus delivered a dick-ilicious hybrid VPL-Bulge thirst trap that slaps!!!

Be a good gay and thank Gus by donating to his 2019 AIDS/Life Cycle Campaign!

Featured image: YouTube/Kyle Krieger

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  1. norig says:

    Love your blog/webpage!!! FaggyDance here ๐Ÿ˜‰