The Perfect Full Body Home Workout

If you’re doing it the way the good (gay) lord intended, the perfect full body home workout is fucking your man to oblivion. Full stop.

But when Grindr is down and a man ain’t around, Kyle Krieger’s workout will get the job done – perfectly done.

In the YouTube video, Great Home Workout Exercises + Diet, Krieger demonstrates how to get a great full body workout at home, discusses intermittent fasting and shares an easy-to-follow meal.

The fitness pro demonstrates four home workouts that target your back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and more.

Krieger’s full body workout consists of burpees, handstand push-ups, jumping split lunges, and jump rope.

Get your heart rate going, burn some good fat, and enjoy the full body home workout!

Featured gif: YouTube/Kyle Krieger

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