The First Time I Was Shamed For Being Gay

How gay was I as a cherub? My overtly talented ass used to scalp my collection of Troll Dolls to make 22″ lace front wigs, wore my sister’s scrunchies as belts (yes, I was that snatched as a tot,) smeared Vaseline all over my Naomi Campbell-esque legs and named myself, Melixana: The First Lady of Glamour. Yes, I was THAT bitch. #LegendsOnly

However, like most Gay-by’s, the shame of being gay kept Melixana hidden away behind closed doors for too-damn-long-many years to protect her from the evil monsters of the world like toxic masculinity.

Then there are gay and queer men like Matteo Lane who DGAF about heteronormative nonsense and embraced their inner Melixana.

In Matteo Lane‘s Just For Laughs stand-up, the Mexican-Italian stud opens up about his first time being gay shamed by his aggressively heterosexual uncle. Lane’s story about his finesse in handling toxic masculinity as a child is brilliantly hilarious.

Matteo also shares his take on all Disney characters being gay (tea), Grindr vs. Tinder and the beauty of having an Italiano face.

Watch Matteo Lane’s Stand-up below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Just For Laughs

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