Oops! I Hooked Up With a Trump Supporter

Who Said That Real Housewives of Atlanta

Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell said that in his YouTube sketch comedy titled When You Find Out He’s A Trump Supporter.

I too have said that. He was cute, not hung but was Instagram verified. Before I could finish the 3rd chorus of Into You, he swept my drunk-ass off my feet. The following morning I was awaken by an irregular vibration that went off in rapid successions. It was a text notification set to a vibrate setting that only a psychopath would have. In hindsight, that was the only proof I needed. I’d given him some NyQuil (bomb bussy) that knocked his ass out. I took his lifeless finger to open his Beyoncé screensaver iPhone XS Max, only to reveal a Trump 2020 home-screen. I promise you that spooky iPhone said “Bitch, boo!!!” His finger called me an Uber and I was outta there!

Anyways, back to Eduardo’s brillance. His sketch is stupid hilarious but also delivers some Get Out level suspense.

Moral of the story, we have to stop getting dick-mitized and start asking the important questions. These are crucial and dire times!

Watch the Trump nightmare below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell

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