Gay Men & Slut Shaming

Have I hooked up with too many men?

Wendy Willams saying no

To quote sex-positive legend Lil’ Kim, “Too much (many) is neva enough!”

In the long list of things that need to be canceled, sex/slut-shaming is right up there with toxic masculinity and fake vers culture. 

In this beautiful day gay and age, Instagram DMs have replaced hookup apps, OnlyFans continues to provide gay men with more income opportunities than the U.S. workforce and meme culture’s unapologetic thirst agenda is at its all-time high. 

So why is sex/slut-shaming STILL a thing? 

Michael Henry, the man with the superpower to successfully tackle gay trauma with absolute finesse, hilariously addresses the issue of slut-shaming among gay men and proves why it has no place in 20GayTeen.

Also – Max Emerson gives one of his best performances to date. I said, what I said. 

Watch Michael Henry’s Have You Hooked Up With Too Many Men below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Michael Henry 

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