Husbands Share Their Big Beautiful Asian Love

“One thing that I feel we’ve really enjoyed doing is being unapologetically fierce as an Asian couple, just like representing.”

That’s how Dimitri Rojas describes his relationship with his best friend, business partner and husband, Jonathan Paul.

For Grindr’s Queer Love video series, the Instafamous couple opens up about their relationship and discuss navigating long-distance, getting into business together and the profound love they have for one another.

Credit: Grindr

Within the first 30 seconds of the video, it is apparent how strong their love is as Dimitri expresses how he instantly knew that Jonathan was the one. “I’ve known I’ve been in love with you from the moment we met. I know that sounds crazy but when you know, you know.” The passionate couple married after just three months of meeting each other.

On their long distance, Dimitri says, “a lot of our relationship was spent long distance, about five years of it. It taught you a lot about patience, and it always gave you something to look forward to.”

Watch Dimitri & Jonathan’s Queer Love:

Featured gif: Grindr/Into

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