Tom Daley’s 6 Minute Perfect Ass Workout

It’s almost summertime and y’all know what that means – it’s time to get a big ass cause we about to be a big ass summer hoe! 

British diver Tom Daley has a really nice ass but to show that he also has a really good heart, the 24-year-old twunk created a super easy to follow six-minute butt workout.

The six-minute routine includes six different butt workouts that are done in thirty-second intervals with ten-second breaks in between.

As someone who’s not a huge fan of leg or butt workouts, I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed Daley’s butt workout.

What makes this workout great is how quick and simple it is to follow with no need for gym equipment. Best of all, you’ll see results fast!

Glute Bridge

Tom Daley Glute Bridge workout

YouTube/Tom Daley

Glute Bridge Leg Extension 

Tom Daley Glute Bridge Leg Extension

YouTube/Tom Daley

Glute Bridge Hold 

Tom Daley Glute Bridge Hold

YouTube/Tom Daley

Donkey Kicks 

Tom Daley Donkey Kicks

YouTube/Tom Daley

Knee Circles 

Tom Daley Knee Circles

YouTube/Tom Daley

Straight Leg Donkey Kicks 

Straight Leg Donkey Kicks

YouTube/Tom Daley

Watch Tom Daley’s 6 Minute Ass Workout:

Featured gif: YouTube/Tom Daley

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