The Guy Who Fucked His Girlfriend’s Dad

In 2019 20-GayBi-teen, what guy hasn’t fucked someone’s dad?

Just when you thought you’ve done gagged and been wig’d about everything there is in this wild-ass world, The Guardian brings you this too-good-to-be-true-but-bitch-it-is mess:

I met my girlfriend’s parents – and realised I once slept with her father

First of all, sksksksk!!!! Second of all, tea. Third of all, bi rights! I said, what I said.

An anonymous bi king, wrote a letter to The Guardian to seek advice on a predicament that only a legendary hoe would have.

In the now viral letter, the advice seeker writes that back in his super hoe sexually liberated days; he used to sleep with everyone – including men. Fast-forward to present day, he has settled down with a woman who he’d like to propose to. As one does, he went to meet her parents. As one does not, he soon realized that he’d done something terribly wrong – he done fucked her daddy before.

Advise columnist and psychotherapist Pamela Connolly responded by advising the troubled man to simply end the relationship because once you’ve fucked someone’s daddy, that’s pretty much it. Periodt.

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Read the full letter at The Guardian.

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