Why Gay Men Drink

“Should we all just blurt the reasons why we have intertwined our gay existence with drinking?”

*Gasp! Downs a vodka-soda and takes 3 consecutive shots of Don Julio*

That reaction may seem a bit excessive but the truth found in the question posed by Chad Westbrook in Michael Henry’s YouTube video “Cheers to Us” is pure, ready-to-serve T.

Reality’s truths are often best told through great works of art. Such is the case in Henry’s approach to discussing a not so discussed topic – gay men’s drinking habits. 

In just 2 minutes and 25 seconds, “Cheers to Us” tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help us gawd.

Travis Cole Cheers To Us Michael Henry

YouTube/Michael Henry

It all begins innocently enough with Henry asking his friends, “How often do you drink?”

What follows are too-close-to-home yet authentic responses and realizations that hit even harder than most self-deprecating gay Instagram meme accounts.

The boys raise their glasses to a long list of issues that include internalized homophobia, loneliness, daddy issues, being broke and heteronormative standards.

Watch “Cheers to Us” below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Michael Henry

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