What Kind of Gay Are You?

‘I’m not that kind of gay’ is not a personality, sweetie. 

Apparently not every gay man has A Star is Born tattooed on their lower back inner right forearm, knows that Vers ideology is part of the Bottom agenda or believes in the good of Gay Twitter. Strange but true.

In Michael Henry’s latest cackle-filled video, Not That Kind of Gay, Michael learns that not all gay men are like the perceived status quo. Henry is left shooketh upon hearing that his too-damn-fine-to-function friend likes to iron black t-shirts, goes to bed by 9:30 PM and watches Grey’s Anatomy.

Our community needs not-that-kind-of-gay gays as much as we need that-kind-of-gay gays because at the end of the day who the hell gonna top us?! we gotta love each other!

Watch Not That Kind of Gay:

Featured gif: Michael Henry 

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