I’m Not Like Other Gays

I’m not like other girls gays. *lace front hair-flip*

Aside from being too damn fiiiine, Jaboukie Young-White has got some jokes. Really good, smart and queer af jokes.

Jaboukie is a rising queer superstar who has just as much to say as he has to joke about.

For his stand-up debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jaboukie goes all in on the hilarity of being a bi-racial, millennial and masc-passing queer person who’s on a mission to hook-up with L.A. Uber drivers.

Not only is Young-White a regular on The Tonight Show, but he also just landed the coveted mega-gig of being a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Watch Jaboukie Young-White Below:

Featured gif: The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

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