Daddy Training

*Sees a 23-year-old gay man with stubble* “Are you, my DomTop daddy?!”

Much like the term thicc, daddy is overtly used, “celebrated” and appropriated by the majority of gay men. And yet, the gay men that actually represent the term daddy, rarely benefit from it but always take on the burden.

What’s the burden? Ageism.

In the YouTube video, Daddy Training, Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey sits down with Eric Rutherford to discuss what it means to be a “daddy” amongst gay men and how they’ve navigated ageism.

Matthew and Eric share their own experiences with self-doubt and insecurities with being labeled as a daddy as well as some of the great things that they’ve discovered as they’ve matured and grown older.

Eric Rutherford also shares a very personal and tragic story of the real harm that ageism can have on a person.

Let’s start showing some REAL daddy love.

Watch Daddy Training below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Matthew Dempsey

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