The Struggle with Being “Too” Femme

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Regina George Masc4Masc? Bitch, me too.

Being femme in the hetero world is hard but sometimes being too femme in the gay world feels even harder.

Meet Carson, a twenty-something baby gay who knows all about that femme-shame life. In the trophy-snatching short film Femme, Carson (Corey Camperchioli) experiences the all-too-familiar hook-up scenario of being rejected for not being masculine enough.

Devasted by embarrassment, Carson spirals into a manic existential crisis of denial and realization. However, the crisis eventually transforms into a beautiful journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

It may feel like it’s a Masc4Masc world but never forget that it’s a Femme universe.

Watch Femme for free at Revry

Featured gif: Femme/Casa Vera Films

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