Everyone Wants a Clean “Bottom”

Ain’t nobody want a messy ass bottom!

Either the gay intern that runs the company’s Twitter got a promotion or The Other Two’s Pitzi “I’m gagging for you, faggot!” Pyle is behind Cottonelle’s new gay AF commercial. Seriously, it’s fucking gay-mazing.

Go to any gays bathroom and you will find PrEP, Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum, Pure For Men and Cottonelle wipes. We don’t make the rules.

So it should come to no surprise that Cottonelle finally did THAT with a new commercial that’s so cheeky, it left us a lil shook. The commercial features a cute gay couple getting ready to meet the parents. Naturally, if you’re going to introduce your bottom to your mama, he better be clean.

Watch Cottonelle Do Gay Rights:

Featured gif: YT/Cottonelle

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