He Wants to Be a Throuple

Open relationships? Child’s play. Throuple and polyamorous is where it’s at.

In 2018, diversity has felt like one of the main motifs in almost all areas of life. Whether it be gender, sexuality or race, conversations have been held on how to expand and embrace diversity. Within the gay and queer community, the idea of what a relationship is or what qualifies as one is another area where diversity comes into question.

How well do gay and queer men welcome diversity when it comes to the definition of what a relationship is? To be honest, it could be slightly significantly better.

Bring up open relationships within a group setting of gay/queer men and you’ll get a fair amount of smirks. Mention throuple and you’ll probably hear some form of “is that actually a thing?” Say polyamorous and you might as well have said Beyoncé is overrated.

Ariana Grande’s gay older brother, Frankie Grande, recently announced that he is in a throuple with a doctor and lawyer couple he met at a charity event in Fire Island. When describing his new relationship, Frankie says, “the triangle is the strongest shape.” Watch Frankie Grande open up about his new throuple relationship below:

Queer stunt queen Ezra Miller, who lives in the year 20-future, revealed to Playboy that he abandoned monogamy and is now in a polycule with an undisclosed amount of partners who consist of close friends and people he’s known for a long time. In case you’re (obvi) wondering, polycule combines the words polyamorous and molecule.

Playboy/Ryan Pfluger

Ezra explains, “I’m trying to find queer beings who understand me as a queer being off the bat, who I make almost a familial connection with, and I feel like I’m married to them 25 lifetimes ago from the moment we meet, and then they are in the squad — the polycule.”

Earlier this year, Nico Tortorella, who once dated Instagram influencer Kylie Krieger, was on the cover of The Advocate with his wife Bethany Meyers. The cover story focused on the couple’s polyamorous relationship or as The Advocate titled, This is What a Queer Family Looks Like.

Regarding their polyamorous relationship, Nico confessed, “We’re still figuring out the best way we can bring other people into our relationship, I think we’re in the best place now [that] we’ve ever been, but we’re definitely still on an amateur level.” Then he urges, “If anybody is reading this and wants to give us some advice, and has been living this way for a long time, seriously, we’re sponges! We’re so down to hear stories because these stories aren’t told often.”

Regardless of whether you fully understand or relate to a relationship outside of a monogamous one, it’s important to acknowledge and respect the boundless and beautiful love that our community has.

After a year like 2018, it should be pretty obvious that we need all the love that we can possibly get it.

Watch He Wants To Be a Throuple:

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