Gay Men Dating Outside Their Preferences

For many gay men, dating and preferences go hand in hand. In fact, some gay men – if not most – date solely based on their preferences.

While not all dating preferences are bad, some are simply racists, close-minded and superficial. As a result, they can prevent people from experiencing meaningful connections with one another.

The popular Youtube channel SoulPancake tackles the topic of dating preferences in their series Tell My Story.

In the series they feature a blind date experiment between two gay men who fall outside of each other’s preferences.

Gay Men Blind Date


As part of the experiment, they try to guess various aspects of each other’s lives such as backgrounds, careers, likes and dislikes.

Do they guess correctly? Does the experiment go horribly bad? Will they go on a second date? Watch below to find out:

Featured gif: YouTube/SoulPancake 

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