What Gays Did During Super Bowl 2019

Rihanna said no to performing The Halftime Show and Maroon 5 said yes. Was I gonna watch Super Bowl 2019?

Alyssa Edwards Oh baby, not my gay ass

What did gays do during Super Bowl 2019? Some went to Super Bowl sex parties (they’re real, look ’em up) but the rest us probably ended up doing something like the boys from Logo’s Gay Skit Happens.

In Gay Skit Happens: What Gay Guys Do When Football is On, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Daniel Franzese, and Stephen Daniel Guarino *accurately* portray what all some gays do during a no-icon-performing Super Bowl.

Watch What Gays Do When Football is On:

Gay Skit Happens: Gays When Football Is On

"Are you watching the Superbowl" Us: 😜 #GaySkitHappens

Posted by Logo on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Featured gif: Logo

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