Openly Gay Soccer Pro Plays Live Tinder

Who better than James The Unofficial Fairy Godmother of The Gays™️ Corden to help Collin Martin find a man on Tinder.

24-year-old Collin Martin, who publicly came out last year, is currently the only openly gay male athlete in Major League Soccer.

Like the rest of us, Martin wants to find love but unlike the rest of us, he has The Late Late Show with James Corden to help.

In the segment, Late Late Live Tinder, James Corden gives the MLS athlete a giant foam finger to swipe left or right on a series of hotties that pop-up in a life-size Tinder frame.

As each guy appears, James delivers the best wing man guidance a gay man could ask for. Seriously, it’s stupid funny how amazing Corden is at being a gay man this.

Watch Live Tinder w/Collin Martin:

Featured Gif: James Corden/Late Show

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