Jonathan Van Ness Calls Out Cheating Ass Ex


Alexa, play Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats.” Alexa, where’s my Louisville slugger? Cause henny, we’re about to have a moment!!

JVN is newly single and heartbroken. 💔😢

ICYMI: our sis with the good hair was happily dating a burly rugby player named Wilco Froners. The two of them looked as madly in love as any twin-ish boyfriends could look.

Here’s a lil’ recap of the love story:

And then on the fateful late afternoon of 12/30/2018, BQE (Beyonce of Queer Eye) shared news that shookth like a Shonda Rimes season 2 finale:

HOWEVA! Our British squirrel friends, Gay Star News, reported that the original caption of the post included the now deleted hashtag #CheatersNeverProspers  *wig(s)*

The cheating ass mofo responded with a I-can-see-right-through-your-coffee-holdin-beanie-wearin-guilty-as-hell-lyin-ass picture and a no-responsibility takin caption:

On 01/03/2019, JVN went ALL the way THERE with some Whitney Houston lyrics:

We’re here for JVN’s bad bitch energy!


Featured image: Matt Monath 

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