Drags Queens Do Christmas

What’s funnier than witnessing Asia O’Hara single-handedly wipe out 75% of North America’s butterfly population? Probably nothing but watching her disastrously fail at poppin some bubbly comes in close.

Oddly enough, the champ mess moment was as funny as it was … erotic? I may have been hard while I LOLLLLL’d. Yeah, I said it.

Masc4Masc queen Kameron Michaels and Texas HBIC O’Hara are the Can Do Queens who prove that they can do more than just kill butterflies slay, they Can Do Christmas!

For the World of Wonder video, the season 10 queens attempt to do all kinds of Xmas stunts from building over-the-top jizzy gooey gingerbread houses, untangle lights with glam claws and busting open some bubbly.

Watch Can Do Queens:

Featured gif: World of Wonder 

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