Old Gays Try to Guess Famous Gay Men

“He (Gus Kenworthy) looks like someone trying to be very butch.” Oooo shady sisters! The old gays may not know too many famous gays but they sure do know how to read ’em!

The Old Gays, who happen to (now) be famous gays themselves, are back to give us more of the best content on the internet.

In their latest video for INTO titled Old Gays Guess Famous Gays, the OG squirrel friends gather around to try and guess the names of gay-lebrities from past and present days. Their reactions are adorable and their responses are hilarious.

From gagging over Adam Rippon’s infamous leather harness tux combo to mistaking Tyler Oakley for a lesbian (who hasn’t) to giggling and thirsty-ing over Diego Sans. The Old Gays are literally some of my favorite humans ever.

I have a strong urge to start a Change.org to re-cast Queer Eye with these scene stealers. At the VERY least we can replace Antoni and Karamo. Am I right?! Right!

Watch Old Gays Guess Famous Gays:

Featured gif: Into

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