Celebrate The Holigays with Scott Gardner

With 300k+ Instagram followers, thirst trap influencer Scott Gardner is on everyone’s naughty and nice list. Including your daddy’s.

To celebrate the holiday holigay season, Gravl Magazine invited Scott Gardner to their kitchen to make Christmas cookies shirtless and talk about the life of a ‘gram star.

In Gravl Talks with Scott Gardner, the big brown eyed beauty discusses life as a model and influencer, opens up about insecurities and shares his goals for 2019.


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Scott tells about his experience as a model in today’s social media culture and how it has allowed him to find success in an otherwise unwelcoming industry.

“They (talent agencies) would tell me things like, you’re too flamboyant, don’t flair your wrist, fix your feet,” says Gardner, “I would just get so sad and emotional and just cry.”

However, social media changed the game for him in a big way. Scott explains, “The cool thing with social media is that it is kind of like a vote thing and with everyone supporting me, now I am able to do modeling and travel the world.” He adds, “It (the support) makes me feel good because it reassures me that what I was doing was the right thing.”

Watch a preview of the holiday treat below and check out the full video on Gravl


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