Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Share Fuck Buddy


Actually, we didn’t say it but Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper had a Camille Grammer moment on Watch What Happens Live! and finally said what may have been some tea for middle America but was a total we-been-knew for the rest us. Like when Kathy Griffin said Andy Cohen offered her coke in the bathroom “treats” backstage … allegedly!

Full disclaimer: the featured photo with Gus Kenworthy between the AC 1 and AC 2 dadwhich does not mean that Gus is said fuck buddy but much like a Tiffany Pollard gif, it was just too perfect not to use.

During a game on the late night click-bait show, Andy Cohen revealed that he and Cooper have fucked the same guy. Not exactly shook material but still fun to hear.  However, Andy Cohen decided to be tee-hee-hee cutesy and instead used the racially charged term Eskimo brothers. Sis, but whyyyyy?!?!?

It just made no sense why he would be so stupidly offensive and coy about something like this given that the show is on cable tv, at 11 too-damn-late o’clock and is known for being one degree above TMZ.


Watch the messy confession below:

Also, find out who’s been fisted & loves golden showers kinker:

& Anderson Cooper said Andy Cohen is a top:


Featured image: Twitter/Xgames

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