The Ban on Poppers

Please, not our poppers! Anything but our precious alkyl nitrites!

Evil, annoying and bored heteros are at it again with their how-do-we-fuck-with-the-gays-today mission.

This time they’ve gone too far (as opposed to any other time?) by trying to ban the use of mf-ing poppers in Australia.

Funny/unfunny enough, one of the main reasons for the proposed ban is due to the increased mainstream use of poppers. Apparently appropriating ass-eating culture wasn’t enough. Thanks, straights.

Vice takes a deeper look (sniff) into this issue with their piece Ban on Poppers. They explore the proposed ban, the effect it has on the queer community and the health concerns (or lack thereof) that are associated with its use.

Watch Ban on Poppers below:

Ban On Poppers

Amyl or poppers have been used for more than 50 years to alleviate sexual discomfort.
We tried to find out why Governments wants to ban the stuff:

Posted by VICE on Sunday, December 16, 2018

More on the ban:

– Austrailia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) proposed that poppers should be placed in the same category as heroin.

– By doing so, the TGA hopes it reduces the misuse and abuse of alkyl nitrites in lubricants and inhalants/’popper’ for recreational use. 

– ‘This decision, if successful, will criminalize most instances of gay sex and will disproportionately affect the LGBTIQ community that has so long relied on amyl/poppers to enjoy receptive sex comfortably,’ – Sydney activist Steve Spencer (Gay Star News)

– Good news is that you can potentially help put an end to this homophobic nonsense by signing this petition.

Read more about the ridiculous ban here.

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