Nico Tortorella Explains Queer Poly Relationship

Nico Tortorella stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to discuss the polyamorous queer relationship they share with their wife Bethany Meyers. Yes, you read that correctly.

I give Nico an A for effort for bringing a topic like queer polyamorous relationships to a show like Wendy’s which has a solid track record of being just a tad bit problematic when it comes to certain issues (Google and you’ll find them.)

However, I would give Nico a solid C for execution. The interview was as awkward (even cringe-worthy at times) as one would expect. Tortorella definitely tried their best and beefed up the charm as much as possible but it was a tough sell to Wendy and her cult-like audience which is known for mirroring her every vibe and reaction.

I guess we gotta start somewhere … right?

Watch Nico explain queer poly life below:

Gif Feature: The Wendy Williams Show

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