KJ Apa Nude with Cole Sprouse

Like a 3-week old OnlyFans account, the softcore porn that is Riverdale is finally going to give its subscribers viewers what it wants: Kja Apa/Archie Andrews NUDE, NAKED & BARING IT ALL.

For those who care, skinny legend Cole Sprouse will also get naked. Woohoo …

The highly anticipated Kja Apa and Cole Sprouse nude scene premiers in tonight’s episode of Riverdale which centers around a flashback chapter … blah blah blah … just watch the episode tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW or check our Tumblr later tonight 😉

When it comes to the sex and skin-showing antics, Riverdale never disappoints.

Featured gif: Tumblr/thebeautyofmalebodies

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