The Sluttiest Gay Halloween Costumes 2018

The unofficial Gay Halloween costume theme for 2018 was “Spooky, but make it Hoe.” And bitch, spooky but hoe it was.

To misquote Mean Girls, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl gay man can dress like a total slut and no other girls gay men can say anything about it. Gay men have way more days than just Halloween to dress like a total slut but that’s beside the point.

2018 PSA Sensitivity Disclaimer: Mister Scandal is slut-positive, pro-hoe and thot-supportive. So before any salty bitch tries IT, I suggest you grab some poppers so you can take humor like you to take dick. Hopefully, this is loud enough for all the Boo-boo the Fools in the back.


2. Howdy, Lil’ Ladies.

3. Hooter Gays: Servin’ racks, backs & sacks!

4. Play Boy Hunnties & Bryan Singer 

5. Dom Tigger, Sub Pooh & Piggy Piglet

6. Tight End & Wide Reciever 

 7. Buzzin for some sweet jeez honey!

8. A Hung Bottom. Gagged. Literally. 

9. A exclusive – Dorothy Tops OZ.

10. Drag my Chaotic-Evil ass to HELL! 

10. Lay some pipe … on him. 

11. Let ’em eat cake!!

12. Spooky but make it Hoe. 

13. A Pony Gang Bang. #IntoIt 

14. Damn, Misty got hella thicc! Catch ME! 

16. Dia de Las (Putas) Muertas 

15. Y.M.C.GAY.

16. Pour me that honey, Pooh Bear! 

17. The Boy Scouts of Hoe’Merica

18. Frost my Flakes, Tony The Tiger! 

19. Flash into my panties!

20. She said “Henry David Thoreau” LOOOLL

21. You can’t tame a hoe!

22. Plot twist: The Big Bad Wolf bottom’d 

23. We cheer like we roar, we swear we’re not whores! #GoToros 

24. Dorothy & Hoho ain’t in Kansas no ‘mo.

25. VOTE NOVEMBER 06, 2018!!!!!!!

Featured image: Instagram/csam__

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