Inside Zachary Quinto’s $3.2 Million NYC Loft

Like an unspoken rite of passage amongst Hollywood gay power couples, Zachary Quinto and his model/artist boyfriend Miles McMillan opened up their $3.2 million NoHo apartment for Architectural Digest.

For AD’s Open Door: Inside Celebrity Homes, the couple gave an in-depth tour of their eclectic loft and shared various stories of how their home came to be.

Zachary Quinto Miles McMillan Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

The 2,250-square-foot apartment features an open-floor-plan that perfectly reflects the couple’s theme of openness which Quinto describes as a hallmark that the couple will always have wherever they may live.

An impressive art collection, a vast array of crystals and a “coke dish” once belonging to Tennesse Williams, are just some of the many pieces and elements that create their global aesthetic and collaborative home design.

Get an intimate tour of their home below:

Featured gif: Architectural Digest

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