Nicki Minaj & Kehlani Stan for Queer Rapper Drebae

To have a mainstream artist respond to your DM is enough to send anyone over the moon but to have one of the greatest rappers of all time respond to your rap by saying, “you killed that,” you know that you’ve not only done something right, you’ve done something big and something special.

Drebae is an up-and-coming queer rapper from the Bay Area who had the honor of receiving the blessing on one of their raps from the Queen of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj.

Not only did the Chun-Li rapper praise Drebae’s work, she also followed Drebae on Twitter. That follow further solidified that Drebae is an artist to watch.

The praise from some of music’s biggest stars didn’t end with Minaj, fellow queer artist Kehlani also professed her love for the young queer rapper.

After Tweeting excitement over the Twitter follow from the r&b goddess, Drebea received a tweet from Kehlani expressing nothing but love and support by tweeting, “y r u shocked u r gorgeous and incredible and worthy of everything coming to you …”

Also taking note of the talented femme artist is Grindr’s INTO magazine who recently premiered Drebea’s first music video for the debut single, Elegant.

Drebea tells INTO:

“The meaning of the song is in the name itself, through all the negativity life throws at you remain elegant and let these bitches know. … The song is for anyone who carries themselves in a classy manner. Keep yourself tip-top, on point, and never respond to hate. The bag is most important and 10/10 they are jealous and want what you have.”

Drebae Elegant Music Video


The highly stylized music video is pure fire that delivers raw opulence to the likes of Cardi’s Cartier Bardi music video.

The track itself is an absolute banger that has quickly become one of our favorite listens which you can find in our Spotify playlist.

Watch ‘Elegant’ below:

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