Delta Air Lines Has The Hottest Pilot in The Skies

Delta Air Lines may take us all around the world, but it’s their stunningly handsome 6’5″ pilot that is taking us (and the rest of the internet) to new heights.

Isaí Ortiz is a 34-year-old pilot from Puerto Rico who is gay, Christian and Insta-famous.

With over 180k followers on Instagarm, it’s obvious that the internet would love to use their Delta SkyMiles on pilot Ortiz.

Hot Pilot Delta Air Lines


Get to know the pilot who’s flying into the hearts of millions across social media with his Top 10 Instagram posts:

1. He’s part of the #Beyhive

2. Knows how to take a real good cockpit pic

3. Partying with his gays in South Beach

4. Going in for routine maintenance

5. Apparently there’s coffee in this photo

6. Thicc like he’s Puerto Rican sis, JLO

7. DON’T call him daddy! He doesn’t like it.

8. At Kendall’s b-day party cause obvi

9. He knows Paris #LegendsOnly

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💃🏻🏨 #SheisFunny #ParisHilton

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10. He loves to lip-synch for his life

Featured image: Instagram/isaior

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