How To Properly Wash Your Underwear

Underwear holds a very special place in the hearts of most gay men. Some would even say that underwear isn’t just underwear – it’s a part of who they are. Yes, it’s that serious.

Whether it’s a pair from Underwear Expert, Calvin’s or Garçon, properly washing your underwear is essential in keeping them fresh, clean and looking good.

After-all, you want to make sure they look their very best at all times – especially for those pleasantly unexpected moments.

Don’t know how to properly wash your underwear? Here are some step-by-step tips by Underwear Expert from their video Underwear 101: How to Wash Your Undies. 

Gay Mens Underwear


1. Check The Tags

This may seem obvious but more often than not people don’t check their underwear’s tag. It’s important to check the tags because they’ll show whether underwear is machine-wash safe or hand-wash only.

Most cotton or synthetics are machine-wash safe but delicate fabrics such as silk, wool or lace are typically hand-wash only. When in doubt, hand-wash. Especially when it comes to those fun and less traditional underwear.

2. Separate Them

Separate your whites from your colors and make sure not to wash them with denim or other rough fabrics. If possible, wash your underwear separate from the rest of your clothes.

3. Turn It Inside Out

Before you begin your wash, turn your underwear inside out. The reason should be fairly obvious but in case you’re completely dumbfounded just think about all the fun stuff your ass and dick do throughout the day. Turn them inside out, it’s the right thing to do.

4. Treat Stains

Always pre-treat stains before washing as it helps in better removing stains. Simple hand soap can be used to treat minor stains but for tougher stains use vinegar or a special stain remover. Rub it in a bit before wash.

5. Detergents 

Don’t use detergent with chlorine or artificial fragrances, fabric softener or bleach. These chemicals are too harsh for your underwear and greatly shorten the lifespan of your delicates. Use a simple detergent – the fewer chemicals, the better.

6. Washer Settings 

Keep the water temperature cool and never hot as high heat can damage your underwear. If possible, select a delicate wash setting.

7. Drying 

Hang drying is always best because it helps maintain your underwear’s color and quality longer. If you choose to machine dry, make sure it’s on the lowest temperature.

Want a sexy step-by-step demonstration by male model Jared North? Watch below:

Featured gif: Youtube/Underwear Expert 

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