The Men of Riverdale Get Homoerotic

Sean Cody, that you gurl? God no! What kind of website do you think this is? It’s actually a scene from Riverdale. No really, it is.

There’s a very good and gay reason why Archie Andrew’s bulge is perfectly lit, zoomed-in on and prominently displayed in the latest episode of Riverdale.

‘The Wrestler’ is the name of the episode and it was directed by New Queer Cinema extraordinaire Gregg Araki.

Riverdale knows its audience well. Even though Riverdale’s audience does include gay men, the majority of their audience falls outside of that demographic.

Then why go heavy-handed on the homoeroticism? Well, aside from the fact that the show is fairly flamboyant as it is, the show’s sexually fluid Generation Z viewers had been patiently waiting for moments like these.

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