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Watch: Proud To Be Gay by Super Hottie Kyle Krieger!


Our fav handsome poundcake Kyle Krieger put out dis precious video that has all the very correct feels and vibes that our community needs right now
and for all da times to come!

Love is love is love is love…..



Photo Courtesy: Youtube

WATCH Chris Evans’ Big Dick Gay Brother Play a Mean Kween!


“If anything, coke is going to make you feel more sober than sobriety” – Leviticus 17:25

Being the click-bait whore that I am and given that I’m on a super-struggz half-ass road to a self-proclaimed comeback, I had to make the tough decision of referring to Scott Evans as ‘Chris Evans’ Big Dick Gay Brother’ in order to get y’all to look at my post the same way y’all look at a Grindr Scruff profile with the word “TOP!”

Big Dick Scottie actually plays himself as a mean kween in this super hilar gay web-series called Go-go Boy Interrupted. The web-series is on its 2nd season (catch up on the 1st season here) and it follows the life of a slightly super-tragic 30-something go-go dancer trying to better himself with the same determination as Lohan. The series is really fuckin funny and really well written so we give fellow gay sis creator Jimmy Fowlie major props!

This is one of our fav episodes of the season mainly due to the character of Martin who kills as a trag-evil faux-fur wearing lil coke monster! I also love Martin because he reminds me of a 60lb lighter non-mexican version of me circa 2015!

P.S. In case y’all are wondering why the name “Big Dick Scottie”
and wanna see some receipts click HERE



Photo Courtesy: Youtube

Watch Tom Daley Take a Sexual Shower With Coffee Because Yes


So many coffee beans! So much ripped Daley body!

When you’re one of the world’s most beautiful power-bottom twinks who happens to be a filthy rich gold medal Olympic diver who’s recently engaged to an ageless 40-something-year-old Oscar winning zaddy, what else is there to accomplish
in life besides making Youtube videos where you get naked
and shower yourself with coffee!

UGH just hate how effortlessly adorable he is! Can’t wait for next week’s episode featuring Daley taking a shit naked to demonstrate the importance
of eating rich-in-fiber broccoli!



Gif Courtesy: http://alekzmx.tumblr.com



Is this new film further confirmation of the fortunate/unfortunate obvious fact that Efron will basically have a carbon-copy Rob Lowe hollywood career and end up as a spokesperson for Old Navy 15 years from now and star on a network sitcom about a guy who’s in his late 40’s/early 50’s and still fuckable? Yes it does but that’s ok because Efron is shirtless and pantless again in a movie!

Will I go see this in the theaters? Fuck nah! Will I go on Tumblr instead and watch all the best
nearly-naked Efron gifs? Fuck yaass hunty!



Gif Courtesy: http://zacefronsbf.tumblr.com



As an unmistakeable & unequivocal bottom, you know you’ve seen some gooood ass when it
questions your bottom-ness!

Sure Big Booty Bryan has been delivering the same ass-tastic cinematography video after video but too much glorious ass is never enough!

Annnd because why the fuck not:




Gif Courtesy: http://hotdudegifs.tumblr.com