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Watch Hot Hairy Naked Lovin Beauty of a Man Nico Tortorella!


If I won the $1.5 billion powerball lottery, Nico Tortorella would definitely be on my Top 10 purchases right behind Tom Ford but for sure before Kylie Jenner’s entire collection of lace front wigs. That’s how much I fuckin LOVE Nico Tortella!

The only thing I love more than Nico Tortorella himself is Nico Tortorella’s Instagram. Aside from the obvious admiration of all the half-naked and sometimes completely naked pix, Tortorella’s Instagram has a too legit as fuck you-will-never-be-this-cool aesthetic with all the feels and vibes that yours will never have.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t try with
Nico’s 10 Tips on How to Beef-up your Instagram!

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Gif Courtesy: http://logotv.tumblr.com/