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“The real dirty side of glamour goes a little something like this:  Hollywood is a place that can take the most fragile and wonderful of creatures and turn them into ice cold metal. This is a land where the weak are eaten by the lying, ravenous monsters who prey in the night and suck the blood of the young. Hollywood is not a place. It’s a state of mind.. A mind which is controlled by a weapon of mass destruction. This weapon is the worst four letter word you will ever know: “FAME.” That evil word that destroys the beautiful and innocent. It can take the best part of you from yourself. Fame makes you believe your own hype you believe the lies the vampires tell you about yourself so they can feed off of  you. Fame is a cancer. It is a bacteria. It spreads through you and gets a hold of you. It is a drug that changes your DNA. It eats at you until there is nothing left and then spits you out broken, alone and a shell of the person you used to be. If, and I say if, you are crazy enough to try this drug, it must be used in the utmost of moderation. There is no warning label from the FDA or the surgeon general but I assure you, I have seen the effects of it first hand and I can tell you it’s worse then anything you’ve heard. You see, unlike cocaine and her ion, fame is bottled up and sold to you in a nice pretty package. You don’t see the effects it has on people. The effects of fame are blamed on cocaine, booze, pills, sex, addiction, and all around bad choices but I am here to tell you this is a lie. Drugs are a crutch the fame hungry use when they can’t get their fix. Fame is a magic trick. Fame is dirty. It’s gross and it destroys those who don’t destroy it. My advice is stay away from it. Run when it chases you and never look back if someone close to you has become addicted. You have to let the drug take its course. Early warning signs of the drug known as “FAME” are simple: malignant narcissism, bipolar disorder, heavy drinking, cocaine addiction. To the fame addict, partying is the most important thing aside from making sure they have more internet followers then real friends. In the early stages of fame you will see glimpses of the person you once loved or cared about but as fame infuses into the DNA that person dies and like a zombie, the fame monster is now using the body as a carrier. The mind and soul of your loved one is dead and only in few rare cases do they come back. In closing, it is important to remember that if you choose a career where fame is a side effect, never forget who you are. Don’t do what you do to be famous. Fame is a painful side effect to the drug of success, not something you should mainline.  If you or anyone you know is addicted to fame, please get help. It is never to late to save yourself or the one you love. The problem and the solution are the same answer… YOU!”