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Watch the GAY-est Fem4Fem SupaFab Dance Video!


Y’all this 1000% fucked me up nicely on this fine Friday morning! Plz fuck me up some more Harper Watters & RHYS!!



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Paris Hilton Jumping a Fence Like a Bad Bitch (Sanasa!)

Paris was the Hero Baddie we didn’t deserve
in 2007 but she’s the Baddie Hero
we need right now!



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Thank you Zaddy Cohen for askin the tough thirst-trap questions aint nobody else askin


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WATCH Chris Evans’ Big Dick Gay Brother Play a Mean Kween!


“If anything, coke is going to make you feel more sober than sobriety” – Leviticus 17:25

Being the click-bait whore that I am and given that I’m on a super-struggz half-ass road to a self-proclaimed comeback, I had to make the tough decision of referring to Scott Evans as ‘Chris Evans’ Big Dick Gay Brother’ in order to get y’all to look at my post the same way y’all look at a Grindr Scruff profile with the word “TOP!”

Big Dick Scottie actually plays himself as a mean kween in this super hilar gay web-series called Go-go Boy Interrupted. The web-series is on its 2nd season (catch up on the 1st season here) and it follows the life of a slightly super-tragic 30-something go-go dancer trying to better himself with the same determination as Lohan. The series is really fuckin funny and really well written so we give fellow gay sis creator Jimmy Fowlie major props!

This is one of our fav episodes of the season mainly due to the character of Martin who kills as a trag-evil faux-fur wearing lil coke monster! I also love Martin because he reminds me of a 60lb lighter non-mexican version of me circa 2015!

P.S. In case y’all are wondering why the name “Big Dick Scottie”
and wanna see some receipts click HERE



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Watch A Very Bromo-erotic Liam Hemsworth & Dane Cook Hot & Sweaty Scene!


“I mean we were sport fucking for a while there cause that bitch likes to ride the ride!” – Dane Cook

& that Dane Cook one-liner just helped me remember why I wanted to fuck Dane Cook so bad in 2010! That Dane Cook one-liner also helped me remember that that’s how majority (actually, all) of my ex-boyfriends would describe me.

I fuckin love Workaholics so much because it’s like the most fun straight guys can have being gay without actually being gay! Except of course for that one episode where they woke-up covered in each others cum alluding to the fact that perhaps they most definitely engaged in lots of un-questionable gay stuff.

Workaholics season 6 premiered with it’s proper dose of homo-liciousness with a scene that could’ve legit been straight out of a Tumblr gay fan-fiction! Dane Cook has never looked more zaddy & Liam Hemsworth has never looked more …..random in a scene? Whatever, I’m totally here for Dane Cook &
Liam Hemsworth naked & sweaty together!

& just for the fuck of it, check-out NSFW Liam Hemsworth naked HERE & Dane Cook naked HERE



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