Author Archives: Mister Scandal is here y’all!

Soooo we we’re totally going to have the site up earlier today but we we’re being little snow queens and partied last night at Marquee Freedom Sundays like we we’re Miley performing at the VMA’s! Sorry y’all! But None-the-less here it is! Comment, share, like, tweet and enjoy!!!

Mz. clarkson calls miley a strippa!


It’s ok Miley! Kelly is just jealous cause she could’ve never fit in your ASS-tastic outfit!

Oh look it’s Lil’ Kim ……

While we love the how-many-licks-does-it-take rapper we have to wonder what she was doing at the 2013 VMAs …

Lil' Kim

gif1 gif2



The DAMAGED Ladies are back and they made one hell of an appearance at last night’s VMAs!

Seriously though they are pulling perfection in every which way! So excited to the see the girlz make their 1st public appearance together again as DANITY KANE!

OUR reaction to Miley’s VMA performance